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Larue12's applications are continuously tested and improved. Please, send us your feedbacks if these can contribute in improving them. This help page is minimal and lists, as FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions), the main points that have been pointed as critical by our testing teams.

Post and manage ads

Q: Is it possible to post ads in several cities?
R: No, you must choose only one city for your ad

Q: Is it possible to move my ad on top position?
R: No, this functionality is not yet available

Q: Can I post videos for my ads and my shops?
R: No, this functionality is not yet available

Create and manage shops

Shops are a free service that allows you to manage as a professional your ads and products.
Eg.: Management of stocks, display of your ads and products in the same page, display of a logo for your shop, etc.

Q: Should I create an account to create a shop?
R: Yes

Q: Is it possible to create a shop in several categories?
R: No, one shop must be associated to only one category. You can therefore create several shops to easily manage yours ads and products

Q: Can I post videos for my ads and my shops?
R: No, this functionality is not yet available

My stand

Q: How do I create my stand?
R: You must create an account to activate your stand. To access your stand, please click on "My account"

Notify illegal ads and shops

Q: Is it useful to report illegal ads or shops: for example scams or ads that are improperly posted?
R: Yes, it allows to limit scams, unlawful and unethical ads or shops


Q: What are the pricing policies of Larue12 services?
R: All Larue12 services are free of charge for users, expected online payments and advertising banners publishing (these services will be available soon).

Advertising banners

Q: How do I publish my advertising banner on Larue12 web site?
R: This functionality will available soon